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Wedding Day
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

King of the Hill - Movie Review


Quite often I put on the television, and there is nothing on. Honestly, I wonder why we even have a movie channel. It always seems like nothing is on. Do you ever feel that way? We have like over 200 channels on our television, and four days out of seven, we have no idea what to watch. We were tv hogs when I was a kid, we didn't hve cable, but there always seemed to be something worth watching.

I have taken to searching the menu to see what is playing and when. I use the DVR feature to record those films so I can see something interesting to me. The other day, I caught a description of a film. Something about it made me want to record it. I had never heard of it, and it had three stars. Worth a shot.

King of the Hill is about a young boy named Aaron who lives with his family in a seedy hotel during the Depression, his struggle to survive when his family has next to nothing, and the other hotel patrons and his relationships with them. The story is surprisingly good, and I wonder how this got by me! This is also based on the life of E.A.

Aaron (Jesse Bradford) is a wildly intelligent and likable boy. He is attending a school in the more expensive side of town, but lives in the worst. Life is hard, but somehow there is a lot of adventure in it. The movie is sweet and endearing, but it also shows some of the harsh realities of life in the most difficult of circumstances. This is a time when the bank would kick you out of your home and keep all of your goods until you paid them back, this is a time when people lived in tent cities, this is a time of innocence and innocence lost.

The cast was incredible. My husband and I were constantly surprised by who was in it, and again were asking ourselves "Why haven't we seen this movie? What happened to it?" Some of the surprises were a very young Adrien Brody (he was like 20 years old), Amber Benson (who I recognized from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but she has been in a lot more than that), Katherine Heigl who totally looked like a young Katherine Heigl, and Elizabeth McGovern. It was a weird mix of old 80s and 90s faves.

This was a touching story and really well worth seeing. Go look for it on Netflix or something like that. I do not know if it will be on HBO again, but you can certainly look. Buy it even, seriously it is a movie I would watch again. It has that kind of charm.

If I were to rate it, I would definitely give it 4 Stars. :)


Wrighty said...

I haven't heard of this before but it sounds very good! I'll be on the lookout for it now. Great review!

Jenny Girl said...

I have never heard of this before. And what a mix of people too. You're right, there is never really anything good on TV, and I removed my movie channels because again, nothing I wnat to watch. What's up w/that?