Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Day Off - No Rest


My head is spinning with all the activity that my son and I must take part of today. It is my day off, but I am not spending it chilling out or even doing laundry (I'd actually prefer that). We are going back-to-school shopping. Hooray!

The past week has been kind of a stink blogging week for me. I have literally been in knots with work and home life. Never fear though, home life is great! My son is home from a month long visit with his father and his father's family in Maine. He had a great time, and he kindly picked up some beautiful sea glass for me while he was away. He also brought me an apron from his great grandma which I am crazy about. I am such a messy cook. Seriously, something is always flying up on me, and of course it is something that always damages what I am wearing. I do know better (NOW) that to wear anything nice when I am making a pot of spaghetti with sauce, but these accidents will happen when I am squeezing out tuna from the can or even making a PB&J. I am THAT messy.

In other family new, my husband had been stressing for a good month on work related issues, and finally that is behind us. At least partly. He works for a car dealership, and that means nothing is ever perfect.

On my end, we just had an auction at my radio station for a fundraiser. It was on Saturday which gave me one less day off. Not a terribly bad thing though. I really needed to make some extra cash, because of the shopping needs in the fall. So it is all good, but I am a little less than motivated to get off of my duff. The auction went well...I think. It is hard to tell, because our numbers didn't come in before I left. Prep for this event has caused me to come home literally exhausted. This is why blogging has been a not possible issue.

OOOOH! I also got a new game for my Wii. I have been saving up for House of the Dead 2 &3, and I finally bought it on Friday. We also had to buy another chuck for our Wii. I am glad I had to wait to pick it up, because now it is ridiculously cheap. I firsts became enamored with this game when Dave and Busters came to Rhode Island. It became my favorite adult hang out. Where else could you play video games, eat good food, and enjoy a cocktail or two. I liked that place so much I wanted to have a wedding reception there. Thankfully I didn't, because the boyfriend I had at that time was a CREEP!!!!! But I digress (no way!) my son and I were so excited to play! It is a total blast. Well, if you like killing zombies, and well, in my dreams or in a video game...I LOVE IT! Sick...I know. Don't we all deserve a little craziness sometimes?

But now I am kind of back. At least I am back enough to check in. Tonight I plan to devour my favorite blogs. For is off to storm the stores!!!!! Hope you all have a GREAT day!!!!


Parsley said...

Curious about the Wii. Wonder how many components are needed. Saw they have new game sticks.
We are thinking about getting one for a the whole family.

Hope things go well on your BTS shopping. I know it's stressful!

Pam said...

Hope you get all your shopping done quickly and get it over with. : )

Maria said...

You are a busy woman - it's always good to be busy!