Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, August 24, 2009

The ABCs of Me

I found this at Pam's blog Mom's Mutterings. She has such an awesome blog. I just love looking at the pictures she shares. If you haven't been...go check it out!

Age: I am pretty up front about this one. I am 42. I like it. I am finally the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. least my age is. You got to find something cool about 42. :) I suppose I could be still thrilled about my devastating good looks. ;) Kidding. Seriously.


Bed Size: Queen. Not exactly sure why this is in the ABCs of me, but then again what else would be good? Bitchy: Yes or No. To that I would have to say a big no...unless I haven't indulged in some coffee. But the word bitchy could offend so maybe Brave: Yes or No? To which I would say totally not brave when it comes to bugs but a lion when it comes to my family and going on roller coasters.

Chore You Hate: Laundry. I despise it. I literally sigh in deep exasperation when I see that we have laundry to do or when my husband says "We have to take the clothes out of the dryer." This makes me realize that it isn't the act of sorting and washing the clothes that I hate. It is the folding and putting away. Organization has never been a thrill for me. I know some people thrive on having everything in its place. I am just not one of them. I am perfectly happy if I can find something eventually.

Dogs or Cats: I love all domesticated pets. I only have cats though. I love them to death. I have two cats. Mauser is the boy. He is also known as Mossimo. I named him after a character in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Well, I second named him after the character in The Bold and the Beautiful. His first name will always be Mauser. He is a daddy's boy. My cat Mauser is devoted to my husband in a way that is quite nearly embarrassing. I have to keep on my toes to make sure that my husband knows I love him more than Mauser does. Not easy to do. Mauser runs to him the moment he comes home and rubs all over him. I simply run up to him and give him hugs and kisses. I eventually have to stop because I have dinner to cook, a child to assist with homework, and other mundane tasks. Mauser doesn't have a job. He doesn't even catch mice. Mauser has the luxury of a lot of time on his furry little paws. My other cat is Melissa who is also known as Missy. She is aloof for the most part. Well, aloof until she wants something. When Melissa wants something she will herd you to the proper location of the item she wants. She is a lovely fluffy black feline and Mauser is gray with tiger stripes. Both are quite lovely and eccentric. I am hoping to get another cat one day. I have told my husband that I would like a baby Siamese cat and that I want to name her Chloe. We'll see when this comes about. Just so you know...I am not holding my breath.


Essential Start Your Day Item: My thyroid medication and a lot of water. It was once Dunkin' Donuts coffee, but I have kicked that habit to only the weekends. I cannot eat right after my meds so I have something for breakfast at around 9:oo am once I am at work. This could be a sandwich or a handful of nuts.

Favorite Color: Turquoise. It is just so pretty. I have loved it since I was in my teens. My sweet sixteen party had tons (okay not tons maybe dozens) of turquoise and pink balloons.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Or better yet platinum. I'll take silver though any day. It is purer than gold and just looks so beautiful!

Height: 5'3

Instruments You've Played: Guitar, and I might add...quite badly. I have also played the spoons, wine glasses, and harmonica. My best instrument was definitely the wine glass.

Job Title: Receptionist. Job duties...too many to count.

Kid(s): I have a 14-year-old son. :) He is getting sooooo big!


Loud or Quiet: I like my music loud. I like to read when it is quiet. I like to be loud.

Married? How long: Yes. Two years.


Nicknames: Mom, Baby, Sweetie, Honey, Kell, Miss Kelly (little kids who call our station), Pix (for pixie) and Kalea.

Overnight Hospital Stay: I had surgery on my eyes twice when I was little. I was two years old and four years old. I was in the hospital for a few days after I had my son. I lost a lot of blood and my fever spiked to 105. I think my brain burned out for a while, because it took me a while to think normally.

Pet Peeve: People who drive way below the speed limit in the high speed lane and tap their brakes constantly. I have to say that I am a very calm person and very kind, but a bad driver will send me in orbit faster than almost anything else.

Quote From A Movie: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. "

Right or Left Handed: Right but I understand that I hold my pens and write like a lefty.

I have an older brother.

Time You Wake Up: 5:00 am on weekdays. When I have to on weekends.

Underwear: Essential nowadays. :)

Vegetable you Hate: That weird little squash that looks like a spaceship. What is that thing anyway? And rutabagas.

Ways You Run Late: I run late when I forget my phone, my keys, or the bees near our garage door keep the door from going down. I would like to know why the door will not stop when I run through the sensor but it stops dead for a bee.

X-Rays You've Had: Dental. I know. Not terribly exciting at all. Here is a neat little fact. I use to take dental x-rays. Okay...not that neat after all.

Yummy Food You Make: I am pretty great at fudge but that is not really food. I kick butt with my mashed potatoes and gravy.

Zoo Favorite: Not popcorn right? I would say the zebra. I like how they look either black on white or white on black. It is pretty cool. I also love any baby zoo animal.

Okay...That is all! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!


Pam said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you, Kelly.
Is that weird little squash thing an acorn squash?
I think it is wonderful that you are so upfront about your age. That's the one question I wanted to skip. : ) Unless "w" had been weight. lol

Bingo said...

WOW! Kelly, Please come by BOOKIN' WITH BINGO as I have an award for you. Thank you!

Jenny Girl said...

Very interesting! I love Princess Bride. Inconceivable!

ANovelMenagerie said...

Girl...we have so much in common that I wish we lived near one another!

I freakin' hate the slow drivers in the fast lane! What is a rutagbega (sp?)?


drey said...

Kelly, you are just awesome. I cannot believe your age, or that you have a 14-year-old! Heh... I'll have to find the time to do this sometime this week... =)

-.- said...

I liked Princess Bride as well. And it's nice seeing a fellow thyroid medication taker - I take it at night though. :)

I don't mind laundry, the chore I hate the most is the kitchen/dishes.

~ Popin

kalea_kane said...

Hey Sheri!
Slow drivers in the fast lane just kill me. I think it is rougher here in Prescott, because I live off of this little two lane and it isn't like you can do anything to get out of their way. I swear I am always behind the "pace car." At least when I lived in California, there were some serious lanes to navigate around. :)

A rutabaga is kind of like a turnip but not. It looks like a yellow turnip. I have tried them, but never enjoyed them. I'll try anything once. :)

Have you started your classes?

kalea_kane said...

You are the kindest! I hope you do this ABC thing. It was fun! :)

kalea_kane said...

I will do almost anything to get out of laundry. Dishes don't bother me any more. I used to hate it. I dated a guy who drank lots of milk, and rather than just rinsing his glasses out, he would fill them with about an inch of water. He would not wash them until he had no more glasses left. I would help him with dishes if I was over, and GOOD LORD those glasses stank! :)

What thyroid medication are you on? Are you hypo or hyper? I just switched to Nature-Throid. I start it tomorrow. My former meds were Armour thyroid and Levothyroxine. I am looking forward to the new med and seeing how it works.

Wrighty said...

I love this post! I might have to use it sometime. You have such great answers and photos. Your son is so handsome and your wedding photos are the best! I always enjoy seeing them.

If you hate slow drivers you'd really hate driving here where you get behind tractors and wagons! This is the farming community of NY state and tractors are always on the road hauling hay wagons and stuff. They are big, wobbly and so slow... Ugh. And the rutabaga is just plain gross. Yuck!

kalea_kane said...

Thanks for the compliment on my son. He is full of hair, but he is such a total sweetheart! I am trying to get him to get a haircut, but so far, he is just not bending. I wont press the issue, because honestly I just don't see it as a battle that is really hugely important. Still it would be nice to see his face again. ;)

I think I would just about go insane if I lived where you live. I don't know how I got so impatient, but I get that way. I don't do anything stupid to pass someone though. I try to just put some decent tunes on or pop in whatever book on CD I am listening to. That is usually distracting enough. :)

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!