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Wedding Day
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday Reading Plans for the New Year


I have been away for the weekends a lot lately, and I have been looking forward to getting back in the saddle with Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays from the wonderful My Friend Amy. I am so glad that Amy takes the time to bring us all together with these questions each week. :) If you haven't joined in, please click on the icon above and get to My Friend Amy's Blog now. :)

So from Amy:

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Reading Plans for the New Year

Today's question is something you may have already written about on your blog in some form, but it seems appropriate as the first question for the year.What are your reading goals for the new year? Do you have plans to read through the Bible or complete any Bible studies? Do you hope to expand your reading horizons or reread some old favorites? Do you want to read more fiction or non-fiction? Do you want to increase the amount of Christian fiction you read? Do you have any goals for reading as it relates to your blog?

My reading goals do include reading the Bible. I do not care if I read it all the way through this year. I have done it before. What I really want is to develop a better understanding of His word. I have been looking into Beth Moore's Bible studies and I think I am going to do Jesus the One and Only.

I plan on keeping my mix of Christian and general fiction for now. What I would like to do is add a little more non fiction. I am not quite sure what that will entail as of yet. I am interested in readings a few more books on finances and self help. I would also like to experiment with some cookbooks.

As far as reading as it relates to my blog. I am sticking with the same, but I am hoping to do a monthly review on a book that I got from the library. I am going to go to the library this week to get that started. I know there are a lot of reading goals out there to sign up on. I am looking carefully into that too. I just want to avail myself of the library a bit more, and encourage others to do the same. I also think that reviewing a book from the library will offer something a little less on schedule. :)


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I haven't been to the library in ages!! Their hours aren't conducive to my work schedule.

Reading Plans for the New Year

Donna said...

I think the monthly review of a library book is great. Think of all the new authors you will discover and share~!

M. C. Pearson said...

I go to the library weekly because my kids are so involved with the activities there. I actually saw the Hollywood Nobody series on the new book shelves in the YA section! I was thrilled because I didn't donate that series to them. LOL. I like reading the YA books that are not Christian, so I can keep my writing contemporary.

I haven't done the Saturday Carnival today. I'm just stopping by to say, "Hey!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear somebody besides myself still uses the library!!! LOL Seriously, though - I go there lots, in spite of having computer a permanently welded to my face computer monitor it seems.

Like your answers - mine are up at Free Spirit,

Lynn Squire said...

I need to start utilizing our library more. Problem is, I like marking my books up!

AndiJ said...

I like your idea of a monthly library book review. Any changes to help spice up the reviews is always fun. Happy New Year kale

Sunny said...

Kelly girl!! I've missed you, but I'm back now!!! Did you have a good Christmas? Thanks for the sweet comments and sorry it's taking me so long to respond.

Are you planning on doing the Beth Moore study on your own or with a group? I am hoping to do one too this year (not sure which one yet).

I also like reading Christian non-fiction for spiritual growth and such, too.

And that's great you're going to review books from your library! Looking forward to what you post!

Nise' said...

Jesus One and Only is a great study. It is the first Beth Moore study I did. I get 90% of the books I read from the Library. It certainly saves me money!

Alyce said...

Just stopping by to let you know I tagged you for a meme. No pressure if you don't want to participate.

Here's the link:

Alyce said...

Here I am again! I gave you an award on my blog today:

Gabbriella Conte said...

Being in the Word every day helps us be able to get through the day & deal with the world in a much better way. I would not be the same without best to you with your studies.... :) thanks for visiting my blog & commenting.

Amy said...

You will love Jesus the One and Only!! :) Enjoy your reading this year, Kelly!