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Wedding Day
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review - Murder of a Small Town Honey: A Scumble River Mystery

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I have recently become a serious fan of Cozy mysteries.  I always liked them, but lately it has become WAY  more than like.  Truly when looking for a read I like to look their first. They are fun, usually fairly clean, and most of the time you run into the body AFTER the deed. I have been reading so many that I decided it would be nice to review them.  First...Murder of a Small Town Honey by Denise Swanson.  

Murder of a Small Town Honey by
Denise Swanson

Description from Amazon: 

Advance praise for Murder of a Small Town Honey:"A delightful mystery that bounces along with gently wry humor and jaunty twists and turns." --Earlene FowlerWhen Skye Denison left Scumble River years ago, she swore she'd never return. But after a bout with her boyfriend and credit card rejection, she's back to home sweet--homicide....
My Review:  
What a wonderful beginning to a Cozy mystery series!  Skye Denison has moved back to her hometown after leaving upon her high school graduation 12 years prior with a serious "I'm-better-than-this-town attitude."  Skye never expected to go back, but after a break up, loss of job and serious financial woes...there really is no better place for her to get back up on her feet.  And that is all Skye has in mind when she returns home.  She wants to put some work in, save some cash, and head right back out of Scumble River.  Stumbling on a corpse sparks a change in Skye's short term plans.

As Skye works on trying to find out more about the victim and solve the crime, the reader gets to enjoy small town life.  There are quite a few people who aren't too keen on Skye any more, but plenty who are happy to see her back.  Pretty much what you would expect out of people who really grow up and grow with you and then without you.  It was also interesting watching her take on a job as a school psychologist, and that part totally gave me a new respect for the position.

The mystery was perfect for me.  I have read a lot of mysteries in my life (mostly thrillers), and I am always happiest when I do not immediately figure it out.  Murder of a Small-Town Honey also had the benefit of that the author didn't throw anyone so far into the limelight that you were sure it had to be them and then pull someone out of a hat that couldn't have possibly been involved.  I hate when authors do that.  It all tied up in a way that made sense.

All in all this foray into mystery and a small town made me want to come back.  I enjoyed Skye and her whole family.  It was nice reading about a character who is not described as absolutely stunning.  Skye is a character you can relate to, because we have all pretty much stuck our foot in out mouths at some point and had to deal with the ramifications.  And most of us aren't a size 2.  The town sounds terribly small with everyone knowing everyone else, but living in a smallish town myself, I can definitely see how that can be.  It is something I may have found ridiculous several years ago.  I so looked forward to learning more, I quickly ordered the next book in the series.  Which I will review soon.

I received this book through PaperBackSwap.  I actually had no prior knowledge of the author, but the title grabbed me.

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