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Wedding Day
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Green Mountain Coffee Review


This Friday I was delighted by the arrival of my package of Green Mountain Coffee. Green Mountain Coffee is a brand I fell in love with when I lived in Maine. After I moved from Maine to Rhode Island, I could still get my hands on it, but I was a single mom on a VERY limited budget, and unfortunately I could not fit Green Mountain into my very limited budget. In fact I purchased the darkest roasts I could buy just so I could use very little and still get a good cup.

Time has gone by and I am no longer a single mom and no longer living in Rhode Island. I live in Arizona and though I can get Green Mountain Coffee in the organic section at the grocery store, it only comes in breakfast blend and the like. In other words, I am not going to get flavors. What I wanted was the flavor I fell in love with...Rain Forest Nut.

Enter my friend Monika. While on my very restrictive Hcg diet, my friend Monika told me that I should try Green Mountain's Wild Mountain Blueberry. She insisted that it was so good that I could drink it without cream. That was exactly the kind of coffee I needed. I already knew that I liked other flavors so I decided to look into ordering. I had recently joined EBates (I know, I can't believe I waited so long either), and figured that I would see what kind of return I would get by ordering through them. I think at the time I got 4% back, but truly I am not sure. It is 5% right now though. Either way, it was well worth it. I ordered Rain Forrest Nut

My Review:

My yummy coffee order came in fairly quickly and as I am taking a holiday diet break, I was able to indulge in all the goodness that is Rain Forest Nut AND Wild Mountain Blueberry. Rain Forest Nut has a slight nutty taste with hints of caramel and vanilla and I don't know why but it also kind of reminds me of the taste of a s'more. Not in the chocolate sense, but kind of in the graham and marshmallow sense. Either way, it is delightful! Wild Mountain Blueberry is a treat for the senses. No joke! From the moment you open the bag to when it begins to brew in the coffee pot, you know you are going to be spoiled. You definitely will taste blueberry and perhaps go back into your mind of times when you enjoyed fresh blueberry pancakes, muffins or pie. It is enjoyable with cream and sugar, black or black with a little stevia. My friend Monika was not kidding. It will definitely be my go-to coffee for when I am on a limited beverage menu. I love coffee in the morning, and knowing that I can still indulge without the damage, makes Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry my treat for the diet weeks.

You may be blessed to pick up Green Mountain Coffee in your stores or you may have to order it like I did. If you do order it, consider joining their Cafe Express. With that plan, they will send you your picks monthly so you don't have to reorder or worry about running out, you also get 10% off of your gift pack orders and $1.00 off of your bagged coffee orders, and you get that adorable travel mug you see in my picture. The nice thing about the Cafe Express is that you can push your orders back if you like and it is also TOTALLY FREE to join. :) I chose to do this because of the option to move my order if I need to and because I have ordered their gift sets in the past so that extra 10% off will be nice to take advantage of. Mostly though, I just plan on taking advantage of a little opportunity to spoil myself and my hubby with some yummy coffee.

*This is a review on a product that I love. No compensation whatsoever was given for this review. I just had to share totally rocks. :)


Cat Davis said...

The Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is probably my very favorite coffee, except I use them in the KCups. That Rain Forest Nut sounds like something I'd love.

ohkeeka said...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but you've sold me on the Rain Forest Nut. S'mores in drink form? YES PLEASE! :)