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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise by Joyce Magnin A Review

(In full disclosure this is a referral link.)

This book was a free download for Kindle and Nook which is why I grabbed it. I love the free book offerings for both the Nook and the Kindle, because they give me the opportunity to try an author that is new to me. This usually ends up with my purchasing books by that author (funny thing about me is I do not purchase ebooks I only purchase book books right now anyway). This is not to say that I grab every free book that I see. There are still a lot of things that go into even a free purchase:

The First Grabber : The Cover - Seriously who can pass up a cover with a totally awesome retro trailer? Not me! Part of this could be because I totally would LOVE a retro trailer.

The Summary: This is the summary from Amazon -
Newly widowed Charlotte Figg purchases a double-wide trailer sight unseen and moves to the Paradise Trailer Park with her dog Lucky. Unfortunately, neither the trailer nor Paradise are what Charlotte expected. Her trailer is a ramshackle old place in need of major repair, and the people of Paradise are harboring more secrets than Bayer has aspirin. Charlotte's new friend Rose Tattoo learns that Charlotte played softball and convinces her to rally the women of Paradise into a team. Reluctant at first, Charlotte warms to the notion and is soon coaching the Paradise Angels. Meanwhile, Charlotte discovers that the manager of Paradise, Fergus Wrinkel, abuses his wife Suzy. Charlotte sets out to find a way to save Suzy from Fergus and in the process comes to a difficult realization about her own painful marriage.

Now the summary didn't full on grab me. To be honest I was thrown by the name of her friend being Rose Tattoo. That just seemed a little oddball. Still starting fresh in a new place has always appealed to me.

Reviews - There were many positive reviews and some that thought maybe the book was a little unbelieveable. If I wanted full-on believeable, I really probably wouldn't read a book in the first place.

Price - You can't argue with free.

My review - I read Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise primarily while working out at the gym. This book got me through HOURS of the ellyptical trainer, and it truly made the time fly.

Charlotte definitely does some things that you wouldn't expect a person to do. After the death of her husband, she pretty much starts all over. It is kind of odd to think of someone selling their home and moving away to a trailer park, but when life bowls you over with widowhood and you find a life insurance policy that can keep you going, why not start fresh? Besides, Charlotte had a wonderful new companion to take with her on this adventure in her adorable found pup Lucky.

The trailer Charlotte purchased by picture alone indeed isn't the sweet trailer she thought she bought, but she gets encouragement from Lucky and a few of her new neighbors. As the story goes on, Charlotte warms to the trailer and her new surroundings. As the story went on, I warmed more and more to them myself, and even thought how lovely it would be to reside in a place like that. There are bumps along the way, and many interesting neighbors to meet. All in all Charlotte fell in love with Paradise and so did I.

All in all, Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise is a light and sweet story. It is like a cozy mystery without the mystery, and I absolutely just loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased another of Joyce Magnin's books called "The Prayers Of Agnes Sparrow." I haven't started it yet, because I am reading another book right now. But I will definitely read it soon, and if I like it, I can guarantee I will purchase another book by this author. It was a nice escape to a story with characters that I grew to like and want to know more about. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise is not available for free right now, but it may happen again. I am glad that it was, because I probably would not have found this book and this author and without that free glimpse who knows if I would have purchased The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow? I enjoyed this little trip into a little mobile home park in a little small town.

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