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Wedding Day
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Thursday, July 14, 2011




It looks like school is racing around the corner. It is time once again to start planning your purchases. Here is what we do:

-Take a count of everything. Certain teachers and classes are going to require things that you may not be aware of yet, but your child will always need pens, pencils, paper and notebooks. See what you have that you can use again. Make a list and follow that before you hit the sales flyers.

-When buying school supplies, don't forget to check grocery stores. More and more grocery stores are having sales on back-to-school supplies. Check out their circulars as well as stores like Target and Walmart.

-Inventory clothes too. Spend an afternoon with your children and have them try on everything that they have.

-Once you know what the kids need, you know what you need to buy.

Where to buy kids clothes-

-Summer clearance sales -
I have to admit that I am blessed with a child who is only concerned about his sneakers. When it comes to clothes, he just wants jeans and t-shirts, and since there are many summer clearance sales going on, I can usually count on supplying his t-shirt needs in that way.

-Socialize - Check out clothing swaps or organize your own. With so many people connected on Facebook, it should be rather easy to organize a swap with friends and your friends connections.

-Yard sales - They are still going on like crazy, and now is a great opportunity to shop those sales and see if you can hook your kids up. Make sure to carry their sizes with you so you don't end up buying something that doesn't fit.

-Thrift and Consignment - Remember that a lot of other families will be going through their clothes and donate rather than sell. Check out your local thrift and consignment shops. You can count on finding some great deals. Bring the kids with you. More and more teenagers are very comfortable with thrift store shopping now. I run into them all the time. :) In fact, this weekend our Goodwill in Prescott is celebrating Christmas and July and it is 50% Saturday. Everything in the store is 50% off. This is a sale you definitely want to catch.

LINK: Goodwill Calendar

-LET YOUR NEEDS BE KNOWN. Yes, I solid capped that for a reason. This is huge. When I was a single mom, I was not shy about letting someone know that we were very cool with second hand clothes. I worked with a lot of moms who had children who were a few years older than my son, and they were always more than happy to bring me clothes to give my son. People are more than happy to pass along clothes that their children can no longer use to someone who can use them. Don't be too proud to turn it down.

Basically, if you can fill the holes in what your child needs before school starts by using what you have and filling in with clearance, yard sales, thrift and consignment shopping, you can take advantage of the sales that will inevitably hit after school starts. You barely have to be patient, before things will be reduced.


I have to share a site with you that will be a HUGE help during the school year. Check out Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created by Salman Khan. He started by tutoring his cousin in math. When other relatives wanted help, he started making youtube videos. It all skyrocketed from there. At Khan Academy people can get help with trouble spots, learn something new, and learn at their own pace. There are exercises and over 2400 videos designed to help students learn. This is a great resource for getting help for your student in subjects that you may not be too fresh in. In fact, you can get up to speed yourself.

I first found out about the Khan Academy when I watched a speech that Salman Khan gave at TED. TED is a nonprofit that brings together some of the most incredible thinkers I have ever seen, and they share what they are doing in short speeches. After watching Khan's speech, I was convinced that we were going to take advantage of Khan Academy. Here is a link to that speech: Kahn at TED

LINK: Khan Academy


Like Beech-Nut Babyfood on Facebook and join their virtual baby food drive. For every virtual jar shared, Beech-Nut will donate a jar of baby food up to one million jars. Follow the link to give today.

LINK: Beech-Nut Virtual Baby Food Drive


While supplies last, request your sample of Tub O'Towels.

LINK: Tub O'Towels

Have a toddler in your home? You will definitely want to sign up for the Beech-Nut Stage-4 Toddler Welcome Kit.

LINK: Beech-Nut Stage-4 Toddler Welcome Kit

If you like magazines and are interested in the outdoors, you may want to sign up for Living the Country Life magazine.

LINK: Living The Country Life

Follow the link on the left side of their page to get your free sample of Emergen-C

LINK: Emergen-C sample

As you may know, Walmart samples can go very fast, but follow the link if you want to take a chance at a free sample of Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.

LINK: Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Sample

Here is another Walmart Freebie and also from Garnier. This one is for Garnier Moisture Rescue. Hurry while supplies last.

LINK: Garnier Moisture Rescue Sample

Walmart also has a free sample of Alpo Prime Cuts. When you click on the link, go to the sixth screen.

LINK: Alpo Prime Cuts

Blockbuster Express DVD rental codes.

These codes for Blockbuster Express are rumored to expire July 15th and are for online reserve only. If one doesn't work, try another. Also they are for the $1.00 rental:

These codes expire July 18th

To reserve online follow this link: Blockbuster Express Online Reserve

From July 14th to July 17th, participating Starbucks will give you a free 12 oz Tall drink when you purchase any pack of Starbucks VIA iced coffee. Remember this is just until the 17th and only at participating stores so ask.

LINK: Starbucks VIA and Free Tall Drink Details

Rewards Country is a lot like Rewards Gold. Join Rewards Country and submit some product reviews, and you can sign up for a free subscription to ESPN magazine. Of course that is while it lasts.

LINK: Rewards Country ESPN Magazine

FreeCCM has lots of great downloads this week including "Overcome" by Out of Hiding, as well as songs from VOTA, Fee, Addison Road, 33Miles and lots more. Check them out.

LINK: Free CCM free Christian music downloads


Just a little peak at the sales that grabbed my attention:

-Ground Chuck 5 lbs or more $1.99 lb
-Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.67 lb
-18 oz New Crop Blueberries 2/$4
-Pork Loin Roast $1.88 lb (Fry's has it for $1.87 decide for yourself about that extra penny)
-Albertsons Large Eggs $1.00 dozen
-Roma Tomatoes $1.00 lb (Fry's has these for 88 cents a pound)
-Breakfast Sale - Kellogg's 20% More cereals 14.7 to 20.5 oz $1.99 (plus they qualify for Albertsons Yahtzee tickets that could get you more savings)
-Red Green or Romaine Lettuce $1.00 each (Fry's has these plus iceburg lettuce for 96 cents)

Follow this link to see the whole flyer. Just put in your zip code, and it will take you to the flyer for your local store: Albertsons Flyer

-Northwest Cherries $1.29 lb
-Roma Tomatoes 88 cents lb
-Boneless Half Pork Loin $1.87 lb
-Kellogg's Cereal select barieties 10-20.5 oz or Quaker Cereal 12.5 to 15 oz $1.79 each
-Green Onions or Radishes 2/$1.00
-Iceberg, Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce 96 cents each
-Artichokes 2/$3
They are also having another great buy 10 save $5 sale. Here is just a smattering of those deals:
Suave Deodarant 2.6 oz 99 cents
Lever 2000 Soap Two Bar pack 99 cents
Colgate Toothpaste 6.4 ounce 99 cents
Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz select varieties $1.19
Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni 3.8 to 7.2 oz 56 cents
Don't forget that Fry's also has some great school supplies sales
-Top Flight Compositon Books 100 Sheets 50 cents each
-Top Flight Wirebound Notebook 70 Sheets 15 cents each
-Oxford Twin Pocket Portfolio 15 cents each
-Top Flight Filler Paper 150 Sheets 75 cents

To get a more indepth look at your Fry's flyer, follow this link. Just put in your zip code and you can check out the flyer for a Fry's store near you: Fry's Sales Flyer


-Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops $1.59 lb
-Tropical Mangos 2/$1.00
-Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.67 lb
-Gorton's Large or Value Pack Selections 14-24.5 oz $2.99 Each (Friday 7/15 to Monday 7/18)

Check out your local Safeway flyer by following this link. Again, just pop in the zip code: Safeway Flyers

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