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Wedding Day
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

HCG - Visit With My Doc


I was so excited about seeing the doctor and finding out if I could go on an HCG diet. Before seeing him I read the protocol that was developed by Dr. Simeons. The diet is definitely drastic sounding, and even now I probably couldn't explain it totally, but anyone who wants to check it out can looks at his manuscript here.

As I had mentioned before, I also talked with my friend about how she was following the diet. In addition I watched my mom's hero Dr. Oz's show on the diet as well. I had heard that he felt that it is a plan that could be looked into more deeply before dismissing it. I paraphrase here, but from what I gathered, Dr. Oz recommended that if one did the diet that they should do the shots and not the drops because the drops have only trace amounts of HCG. He also recommended not being on a drastically reduced diet of 500 calories but 1200.
I felt that I had enough information to decide if I wanted to go for it. Certainly the extra 40 pounds I have been lugging around is not healthy for me. I was leaving it all in my doctor's hands. If he said yes, I would definitely be a go.

When I visited my doctor, I told him my history and expressed my concerns. He told me that he is not an advocate of a 500 calorie diet. He gave me a print out of their diet protocol which is 1000 to 1200 calories. He told me his patients have had significant weight loss by following that protocol. This is what my friend did as well. This is not 1200 calories of whatever, but still following the strict guidelines of certain food intake.

After my exam, my doctor told me he was going to show me how to give myself a shot. I told him that my husband would be giving me the shots, and so I wouldn't need to give myself a shot. He laughed and said that was good, but he was going to teach me how to give myself a shot because I should know. YIKES! This was scary for me, because I have a tremor in my left hand. I can't really keep it terribly steady. I kind of imagined myself poking myself repeatedly, freaking out, and then not being able to go on the diet. I didn't want the doctor to tell me that I couldn't do it, because I couldn't give myself a shot. I tried again to talk my way out of it by demonstrating my tremor. No luck, I wasn't going to get to back out of it much to my dismay.

My doctor took out some vitamin B12 and a brand new syringe. He showed me how to measure out my dose and where in my arm I was to inject the HCG. I am not afraid of shots so watching all of this did not bother me. He did it all so quickly, and it didn't even hurt. I literally did not feel it! It was pretty awesome. Then he asked me to do it. No...he told me to. I flaked again and again, but after about a minute, I did it. It wasn't hard at all even with my shaky left hand. I am glad I did it, because now I know I wont have a problem if my husband can't do it for me. For me this is great, because I was kind of whimpy about the whole idea, but now I feel pretty confident.

So now this is my last week of non-diet freedom. I'll be saying goodbye to lots of goodies, but hopefully it wont be as rough as I am anticipating.

If you are curious, here is the diet that I will be following:

- No dairy or milk except for two teaspoons in coffee or tea in the morning

- Daily Intake of

2 Apples a day or

2 Oranges a day or

or 1 handful of strawberries a day

Two portions daily of 4 ounces of these meats with fat trimmed off: lean beef, chicken breast, turkey or white fish. No dark meat poultry.

Veggies with lunch and dinner but no corn, peas, carrots or potatoes.

Boil, bake or broil meats but no frying or use of oils.

The usual protocol is supposed to be 500 calories. On the advice of my doctor I am not going that route. We'll see how things go.
My friend also uses V8 juice which I am not fond of so I am not going with that.

Before the diet begins, I plan to enjoy some Cadbury mini eggs, regular eggs, pork chops and potatoes! I am a huge starch fan, but soon I will learn to cut all that nonsense out.

I am officially starting my diet on Thursday. You have two days in which you take your shots and eat regularly. Since my friend felt kind of icky on the third day of the diet, I figured I wanted that day to be on the weekend for me. Hopefully any aches and pains from not piling sugar and starch into my diet will be behind me after the weekend.

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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

No way - no how could I give - take - receive - subject myself to shots. I'm a little sad about it too 'cause the diet actually sounds do-able. Can't wait to see your results!