Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 1 on HCG


Today was day one of my hCG diet. Day one and two are load days. The first two days I will be taking the shots and eating fairly heavily. My doctor says that you really don't need to go crazy since back in Dr. Simeon's day people probably didn't eat to the extent we do. Nonetheless, I was concerned when I was just not hungry. I felt stuffed all day. The cravings I usually have on weekend nights (popcorn) were non existent. I actually bought a chocolate malted today in order to increase my fat intake. Either way, I am beyond excited and I cannot wait to see what the diet will bring. :)

So let's go over the day a bit. I woke up and did my usual thing. I didn't have oodles of time this morning so I had a bagel and cream cheese. I figured I should at least enjoy the treats that I wont be able to have for a while. I filled my syringe. Well filled isn't totally correct. I filled it to where the doc showed me. I gave myself a shot in front of my husband in hopes that he can give me one if I can't. He said he thought he could, but truthfully I think I can handle that part on my own. Especially since I can use my right hand which doesn't shake like my left. I am still shocked at how it really doesn't hurt.

Lunch was rough. I just wasn't hungry. I made some garlic chicken lettuce wraps and had some salt and vinegar chips. That is when I freaked a bit about not eating enough so I took my son to Brown Bag Burger (a little place here in Arizona), and I picked up a huge...seriously wild-sized chocolate malt. Dinner was chicken strips with hot sauce and salad. I also enjoyed a Fig Newton and later a big bowl of popcorn.

Oh I will miss you. I am not sure I can even watch movies without popcorn. We shall see I guess. :)

Whoa...I just realized how late it is. Time for bed and then day two!

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*The Old Geezer said...

No popcorn! That's a tough one, but you can do it :-)

Take care and have a wonderful Easter :-)