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Wedding Day
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011



I love love love free samples. When I get them in the mail, I often make plans to try them out right away. Occasionally it takes a little longer. This is usually because of my picking up the mail after work and a grocery shopping trip. This means I might put the sample on the counter where it will sit in a pile of mail. This was the case with the L'OREAL Ever Strong samples I just used today. It wasn't that I didn't want to try them right simply happened.

The reason why I wanted to try L'Oreal Paris Ever Strong line was because I am hypothyroid, and I was told that I should avoid shampoos with sulfates. I have also heard that sulfates can flatten out your color. This typically means buying shampoos at the natural market. I don't object to doing this, but there is one store somewhat in my area, and as much as I appreciate its existence, the parking lot is tiny, and typically the only time I can pop down there is when picking up my son from school, and he HATES going to this market with me. It tends to be an adventure in irritation. To make a short story long, the idea of trying out a sulfate free shampoo by a company I love (I am crazy about their make up), seemed a win-win.

I ordered the samp;le of L'Oreal Paris Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner from the Ever Strong line. It seemed to be THE best option again considering my hair is dry thanks to the elements and my under-active thyroid. The first thing I noticed was the scent. The shampoo had a hint of citrus and another fragrance I could not identify but LOVED! The lather was rich and thick but rinsed out easily. I followed with the conditioner which had a minty scent and reminded me of the conditioner my hairdresser uses. It made my scalp tingle comfortably. I left it in and enjoyed its fragrance. I was surprised that the fragrances did not match but still complimented each other. The conditioner rinsed out well, and my hair felt smooth.

I let my hair air dry and was pleased with the results. My hair felt smooth and soft. It says your hair feels stronger after just one use. Honestly, I was not sure how to quantify that. I did tug and pull on my hair (I pulled sections but not like a maniac not that I have to with my dryness problem) and happily nothing came out in my hands. My main concern is more the clumps that can come out during washing between your fingers. I would like to try the product for a month to see how that would work out, and I just might do that soon, because the L'Oreal Paris website has a $1 off coupon on any L'Oreal Paris product when you take a "Can I help You?" survey.

What did I think of L'Oreal Paris Ever Strong line? So far so good, and worth a solid try.

This review was done because I wanted to. I was not compensated in any way other than a free sample which I got on my own by going to the company website. The opinions expressed are all my own.

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Pain SUX said...

Thanks for sharing this, I think I am definitely going to have to give this shampoo a try...