Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is Thursday morning, and I am about to embark on some cooking wizardry! I barely typed that without laughing out loud! The only thing that kept me from cracking up is my hope to not wig out my husband.

Five things I am thankful for (don't expect any mush here I am just thankful):

My amazing husband. He has made my life complete, happy, and fun. He is enough to get me completely but also different enough to make life interesting.

My home. My husband has put a comfortable roof over our head. Not too big and not too small (though a second bathroom would be convenient). We are blessed to have our own space.

My fabulous son, Alexander who does most of his chores without being nagged too much. He also shares my absolute oddball sense of humor and gets and tells jokes that many adults don't even get. He is also not ashamed to say I love you.

My job. I am fortunate to have a job in a time when many people do not. I am also thankful that I work in a pretty fun atmosphere with great people. Actually I am fortunate in that EVERY job I have had has been with some amazing people. :)

My football team is playing today! I get to watch it. My team is the New England Patriots, and when you live in Arizona getting the chance to actually watch your team is definitely hit or miss when they are an East team. :)


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

What wonderful things you have to be thankful for... Happy Turkey Day to you...

Hilary said...

Happy thanksgiving...I hope your team wins!

Yvonne said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer @ What Would Jen Do said...

I watched the NE game too, ok mostly for the kid rock halftime show

happy late thanksgiving to you and yours.