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Wedding Day
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tryinig Something New - John Frieda - Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner


I am a sample loving fool. I love to scour the internet looking for new things to try and buy. I really appreciate that many businesses offer samples so we can see if something is a good fit for us before we commit financially. One of my favorite programs is Walmart's free sample programs. Through them I have tried some really awesome products.

Giving out free products increases their exposure and likelihood of getting new customers. I figured it would be nice to not just try and buy but also try and tell. So this is my little effort to show my appreciation.

Today I tried John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am always excited when I see a sample offering from John Frieda. I have loved their products in the past. The Luxurious Volume Full Splendor products especially appealed to me for two reasons.

1: I have naturally fine hair.

2: I am hypothyroid which causes your hair to thin our and become rather brittle.

Fortunately for me my thyroid issues are being addressed, but it is still a long process, and I may never get to 100%.

Their site says that their Luxurious Volume line boosts hair fullness, thickness, and lift. It claims that it provides pretty much noticeable volume in the form of hair with more body and thickness.

In addition to their Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner, they also have:

Luxurious Volume Full Clarity Purifying Shampoo
Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster
Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse
Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hairspray
Luxurious Volume Always Stylish Gel Creme

Now I didn't try any of those products, but I thought I should share anyway.

I have pretty low maintenance hair. It is in a simple bob, and I often do the wash and go thing. I can't say that always looks great, but when I am busy, it works with use of a little clip or pony tail holder or just kind of straight and tucked behindd the ears. When I am not busy, I will blow it out and use my round brush to give my hair extra lift. I will occasionally also add product for a little shine or hold. Today was not going to be that day. I really wanted to see how John Frieda's Full Splendor Conditioner held its own on a day where I wasn't going to give it benefit of my own styling work.

The Process:

I used the sample in the shower. I actually brought a plastic kid's scissor in the shower with me, because the one thing I have noticed is that you can take a sample packet into the shower, but you just may have an issue opening it up. I certainly didn't want to be hopping about all nakey in the bathroom trying to find a scissor.

First I used the shampoo. It had a light fragrance that was on the floral but sweet side without being over the top. The consistency was not too thick or too thin. The lather was insane! I was thrilled as I started to work it in, because I am a lather fool. There is just something about the feeling of all those thick bubbly suds! It rinsed away nicely without leaving my hair feeling rough and clumpy which is something that I have experienced with other shampoos. Sometimes I think that is just so we appreciate the conditioner more, but my hair dresser told me that shampoo also opens up the hair shaft and conditioner lays it all back down. Either way it was a great sudsing and my hair felt great all ready.

Next step was the conditioner. The fragrance was also lightly floral but sweet without being overpowering. I liked this so much, because I knew that I could wear my favorite cologne and not have a fragrance conflict, but it was also nice enough that I was pretty sure my husband could smell my hair and like what he smells. The conditioner was smooth and not glommy (I don't know if this is an actual word, but basically the conditioner wasn't clumpy). I let it stay in my hair while I did the good ole shaving routine and also while I used my Timewise Microdermabrasion Refine step (love that stuff too). After doing all these good-for-me things, I was ready to rinse. I turned the shower nozzle to COLD! YIKES right?! I have been told that this makes your hair shinier. It definitely wakes you up. The Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Conditioner rinsed out like a dream leaving the lightness in place.

After the shower I just towel dried my hair and brushed through it with my vent brush. I kind of forgot about it at that point and worked on reading through my massive pile of magazines. About a half hour later I checked myself in the mirror, and no joke, my hair looked definitely thicker and fuller. I would say at least 40% fuller. It also looked like it looks when I spend the time with the blow dryer at the roots. It had more lift, more volume, and it was indeed bouncy.

Thumbs Up or Down?

Totally a thumbs up. I can't wait to pick some up and give it a shot by actually styling it. And here is something totally cool, I went to the John Frieda site, and they have a link to sign up to print a $3 coupon off the purchase of two Luxurious Volume products. You can also learn more from that page.

LINK: John Frieda Luxurious Volume


blueviolet said...

You know what? My hair stylist told me TODAY that if I had to buy drugstore shampoos and conditioners that John Frieda would be the one to use. Too funny that you posted this! I like lather too, by the way. It just feels like it's really working if you have a good lather going.

kalea_kane said...

Your stylist seems to know her stuff. I could not believe how great John Frieda made my hair look when I wasn't even trying.