Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surprise Me! Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

Oh I love Christmas so. First and foremost because it is the celebration of my Savior's birth. After that it is really just such a fun time of year. There is a lot of stress, but there are also lots of smiles, warm hugs, Christmas music, Christmas cookies, yummy treats like egg nog and tasty meals, and of course presents. Who doesn't love presents? I am a present freak. I love giving and of course love getting them. I have always enjoyed wrapping them all all cute. So when I was over at Shelly's Bits and Pieces and read about the "Surprise Me!" Secret Santa Gift Exchange with Simply Stacie and Survey Junkie, I knew I had to get involved. And you can too! Here's the details directly from Survey Junkie's blog: Surprise Me! Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a gift exchange/swap for bloggers. Each participating blog will be a Secret Santa & also receive a gift from a Secret Santa. There are No Sponsors for this event, it's just like one big office party. After you receive your gift you can tell everyone all about it on your blog.

$15 gift(s) + shipping = $20.00

Each Secret Santa will spend $15 on their gift. This can be one item or multiple items that total $15. We want everyone to enjoy the swap and their gift so we have added category choices for you to choose from on the sign up. This way it helps the Secret Santa have an idea of what you like and so that everyone enjoys their gifts.
Sign up will be open for 2 weeks and will end on Wednesday October 6th
If you are interested in participating in the Secret Santa Gift Exchange simply
Fill out the form and we will add you to the list.
After you sign up snag the button and let your readers know that you are participating & thath they can too..

After sign up closes we will notify everyone by email to let you know :
Who to ship to, What gift idea they like, When to ship by & Where to ship gift to..

We will email you updates, shipping deadlines and all other information needed after the list is closed. No one will know who is who's Secret Santa is so shh.. it's top secret :) Back to my voice. :) Doesn't it sound awesome? I definitely think so. :) Join up! It will be lots of fun!


Becca said...

Nice to see you post! And I signed up!

Survey Junkie said...

hey There Kalea,
Thanks for signing up for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Its gonns be so much fun :) I'm also now a new follower. Have a great weekend,