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Wedding Day
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Ads

I honestly am not one of the people who look forward to the Superbowl commercials. I really don't care. I do have to say that I loved the e Trade baby last year and this year's was cute too, but it isn't why I watch the game. Heck I didn't even have a team in it this year. That really doesn't matter though. Totally not my point anyway.

This year though, I have to say that I noticed a lot of commercials in a totally good way. Who wouldn't notice Betty White getting tackled into the mud? Seriously, between her and Abe Vigoda, that Snickers' commercial cracked me up. Literally, I laughed out loud. I don't do that often. I laughed out loud often tonight though. Here were my faves. At least faves of what I saw.


Troy Polamalu taking over for Punxsutawney Phil showing us that there will be six more weeks of football was a riot. But the fact is I love Troy Polamalu. He is an amazing football player who is such an enthusiastic player you cannot not love the guy.

According to Youtube this video will only be available until March 15th.


The Snickers' commercial was a riot. Just hearing Betty White talking smack rocked.

Those were the ones that really made me giggle. I understand that there was a pretty funny Doritoes one (an older guy tasering a younger guy who jumps in front of him at a vending machine), but I didn't see it. :)


Jaedyn said...

I pretty much only watched the commercials while I was on my laptop and then crocheting (that was a LONG game, lol) but I laugh when people say they watch it for the commercials. Because you can always go to youtube or somewhere online to watch them... I guess that's not part of the fun, though. ;-)

The Betty White one made me laugh, too. There were a couple other good ones, too, then some that made me roll my eyes. And really, how many Bud Light or Budweiser commercials do we need to see? lol I generally think that whoever thinks up these beer commercials is drunk at the time because that's pretty much the only person who would think it's funny (most of the time).

By the way, HI! :-)


Lorie Shewbridge said...

Those were two of our favorites also! We laughed out loud also, and were wishing that it were really true that there would be 6 more weeks of real football!!
I also liked the VW commercial with Stevie Wonder... it took me a minute, but then I laughed twice!

Anonymous said...

I haven't even watched the game all the way yet lol. I worked late and came home and was doing stuff around here. I'm going to watch it maybe this weekend!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

I like the Dorito one when the little boy slaps his moms date. It was too funny.

Graceful Mom said...

I have read and heard so much of the Superbowl and the commercials but living outside of the US and with no television (tv-free for 4 yrs now), I don't have any idea what it's like.

I watched the videos! Fun! Thanks for posting.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures