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Wedding Day
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special K - Challenge - You're On! Day One

When I think of Special K, this is what pops into my mind:

Why oh why does my mind go back to these commercials? I seriously cannot pinch belly pudge without thinking about Special K. The person who thought up that ad was a mastermind! Special K has come a long way since then. The recommended breakfast back in the day was Special K, a glass of orange juice and a black coffee (blech). Sorry I love my coffee, but I am still a slave to cream which is why I am drinking tea now. Anyway now they have not just one cereal but they have several types including granola. Special K also has protein waters, drinks, and different bars. There are a lot of options, and the plan is to go beyond breakfast and use Special K for two weeks for a little weight loss jump start.

I have been gaining some epic amounts of weight since my thyroid decided to take a sabbatical. This has led me to be a big ole grumpy broad who sometimes feels quite hopeless. The jump start is just what I need, and I need to test it out this week, because on March 10th, 11th and 12th, my station will have its pledge drive. This means that we will be working odd hours (I am working a split on-air schedule for the hours of10am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm), eating all kinds of crazy food, and really getting minimal exercise opportunities. Basically, eating right is not going to be easy. I figured I might as well jump in and take the challenge now so maybe the new weight loss (let's hope there will be weight loss) will inspire me to eat like a good girl.

So it's on Special K! I am going to accept this whole Special K Challenge, and I am going to blog it. Mainly I am holding myself accountable by doing the blogging part. Plus I kind of want to see the pros and the cons.

So today is day one, and so far the biggest con that I have come across is that during the afternoon from about 2pm to 5pm, I was totally thinking about having a good dinner. I didn't cheat with any of the munchies I have on hand. I stuck with the Special K bar, some veggies and later, 90 calories worth of crackers for my two snacks. Still...I was really feeling the cravings for a real meal by dinner time.

The biggest pro for me is that this is very simple to follow and it is something that I can definitely do at work. I simply packed my cereal in a storage container to keep it fresh and I put the milk in a little sealable smoothie shaker cup that has the ounces on the side. This made it easy to put in the right amount of skim milk in the cereal.

I am curious how the weekend will go. THAT is going to be the real test. I am definitely going to try to keep busy. :)


gaelikaa said...

I remember those ads Kelly. Used to see them in Ireland. I'm sorry you're still having thyroid issues. I do wish that they will get into control.

Pam said...

Good luck on the new diet. I remember that commerical vividly!

Emily said...

Hope the challenge is going well. I'm new to following you, but I've enjoyed what I've read so far, so I'm nomiating you for an award. :) Stop by my blog to pick it up.


Nichol said...

Good luck Kelly. Can't wait to follow your journey!

Sarah @ said...

I have no idea how I got here, I was just linking around, but OH MY GOODNESS, talk about a flashback with that ad. Lol.

Sarah @

Tookie said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following Tookie Trinkets! I also have a personal blog at

When it comes to diets, I think we just need to stick with what works for us and it sounds like you've got a good plan. Good luck.

Nichol said...

Just coming by to say hello haven't seen you in a while. Hope your doing well.

Toni said...

Good luck!! Sounds like a good plan.... I know it is March already..just checking in to say Hello!!!

Wendy Blight said...

Hi Kalea,

It's Wendy Blight. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your heart and your words of encouragement. I LOVE your heart and how you desire to serve Him. I pray that as you meet God in His Word He will guide and direct you to the places where He desires to use you. I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear all the wonderful things He has planned for you. May you sense His Presence and His Peace as you seek to know and serve Him more.