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Wedding Day
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Wii Are So Excited and MORE giveaways!!!!!


How cool is it that Sports Authority is teaming up with moms to help them get in shape? Whether you are a stay-at-hom mom or a working outside of the home mom, it can be very hard to get that work out in. Check out the review at DoubleBugs because not only can you learn more, but you can get in on a fabulous giveaway for your own Wii Fit Plus, Board and the new Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum! Ends 12/12

When I look at video games today, I am shocked at how good the home ones are compared to what I had when I was a kid. My first video game was Pong from Radio Shack. And to be honest...I loved it! Eventually I graduated to an Atari, and that was way after most of my friends got one, but I was still thrilled beyond measure. This year my wonderful husband picked up a Wii for me. I have to say I am crazy about it. I love how you really get moving when you play. I love making up the little Mii guys. We have been slowly building up our game stock, but it isn't easy. I am always on the lookout for a game that the whole family will enjoy. I was pretty stoked when I saw the giveaway at All Because Two People Fell In Love. They are giving away Squeeballs Party for the Wii or the DS (I almost bought one on Black Friday because the used ones were only $59 but I held onto my wallet as my son has one and he said he'd share). Get on over there now because there are a lot of ways to enter! Ends 12/13

There have been a lot of giveaways floating around the Blogosphere for Eden Fantasys. This is obviously not a giveaway for minors, and Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is clear about that, but it is a great giveaway, and I for one would love to win. Eden Fantasys has items that would be pretty nice for making our married life a little bit sweeter. They have awesome candles and massaging oils, fun games like spin the bottle. Really it is a toy shop that my husband and I wouldn't mind browsing in for a bit. Especially from the comfort of our own home. Check out the great giveaway, because there is a $75 gift certificate for one lucky reader! Giveaway ends on 12/11!

And if you are in the Eden Fantasys Mood, you just might also want to stop by J. Leigh Designs, because Jennifer is also kindly hosting an Eden Fantasys giveaway and her's is for a $50 gift certificate! Eden Fantasys is the one-stop shop for some serious romantic fun. It has definitely been one of my go-to places for bridal showers. Which is a good thing, because I have a friend who is getting married very soon. I think I'll head over soon for a little browse around for her too. This giveaway ends on 12/11 as well.

I have a weakness for lip balms and lip glosses. I have at least two or three in my purse at all times and several just floating around the house. I find that I especially need these items here in Arizona. It gets quite dry here, and with winter coming at our elevation, the cold is an issue too. One of the things I like is indulging in a little flavor with my gloss, and I have tried many. One that I have yet to try is Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss in Fruit Loose (anyone else hearing the theme song to the movie Footloose?). The Wide World Of... is hosting a special giveaway for one of her readers to win this yummy gloss! If you appreciate some yummy gloss, get moving! This giveaway ends on 12/11!

Many people know I am a book freak. I am also a fan of alternative music and was a baggy-pant-flannel-wearing-Lollapalooza going-girl back in my college 20s. Sooooo when I saw that there was a review of Fall To Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland at the OmniCouple...I immediately clicked and read. Great review! So now...I want it. And guess what? They are hosting a giveaway! Well someone has to win (me). Okay...maybe you ( ;) Definitely check out the review, because it is good and you will want to know if it is a subject matter you can handle (mental illness, drug use). This giveaway ends on 12/14!

Have you seen the Soda Stream? I caught a review a while back, and thought it would be one of the coolest things to have in our home. I love the idea of making your own soda. It looks so easy, and sounds sooooo delicious. I love that you can make so many flavors (like my fave-cream soda!). If you would like a chance at winning one, head on over to see Erin at Connected2Christ. Read all about it and get in on this giveaway. Ends on 12/15!

Check out the giveaway at Broken Teepee for Lucky Dog Treats Company. Lucky Dog Treats company are 85% organic and uses no preservativeds, chemicals or artificial flavors. I like the idea of giving our step-dog a treat that is safe and will keep his teeth nice and clean. This giveaway ends on 12/11!

Another awesome giveaway at Broken Teepee is a giveaway for three winners to win Cream Perfumes from The Cream Perfume Company. They look divine, and I imagine that they smell unreal! They are stored in the cutest sustainable wood "nuts." Talk about cute packaging! Wait til you go see them. This giveaway ends on 12/15!

has a pretty awesome review and giveaway for Hellmann's Real Holiday Helpings. This is kind of THE answer to my holiday needs. What do you do with all the leftovers? I can only make so many ham sandwiches or turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hellmann's has a recipe site to cover all those "What do I make now?" questions. And Connected2Christ has a giveaway thanks to Hellmann's and Mom's Select for a $25 American Express gift card. A nice way to bless someone on the holidays or fill in the gaps that major spending has left in your grocery budget! This giveaway end on 12/12 so hurry up!

Talk about luck! Jennie of A Bookish Mom ordered three fabulous movies for her kids and through an error got two shipments. The company told her she could keep the films, and she is kindly offering them as a giveaway! What are the movies? How about Hotel for Dogs, Twilight, and Hairspray? Not too shabby! What a sweetheart! I do not know how long this giveaway will go on so you better get going!


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I love that skiing picture! :)

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Thanks for sharing the great contests. I hope I win that Twilight dvd. : )