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Wedding Day
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas Kitchen by Tammy Maltby with Anne Christian Buchanan

Product Details

Howard Books, October 2009

Paper Over Board, 132 pages

ISBN-10: 1416587659

ISBN-13: 9781416587651


Thank you to Libby Reed from Howard Books for providing me with a copy of The Christmas Kitchen to review.

About The Book (from the publisher's site):

The Heart of the Home

Even in today's busy times, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Author Tammy Maltby believes the true meaning of Christmas is realized when families gather to share activities that make Christmas "the most wonderful time of the year." More than any other holiday, Christmas is when family and friends gather for a cup of hot chocolate, fresh-baked cookies, and lots of laughter.

Look inside this holiday treasure for:

- Easy-to-do holiday recipes

- Hints for new traditions

- Personal gift ideas

- Kid-friendly activities

- Simple decorating tips

The Christmas Kitchen is more than a recipe book, it's a book designed to help you enjoy the holiday season, not be burdened by it. Take a few minutes each day to browse these pages for the help you've been looking for.

Merry Christmas and may your kitchen be filled, first, with the sweet aroma of love, and then with the spices of the season.

This review comes with the admission that...well...I have always appreciated watching a lovely family enjoy a beautiful Christmas day together. I daydream of the scents of cooking filling the air, yummy spicy cider, and of course the sight of sweets that make your mouth water before they even touch your lips. I also have daydreamed about making my home the kind of place you see in your mind when you think of Christmas dinner. I have also always fallen short. I have more had The Christmas Clutter. :)

The Christmas Kitchen is the book to get you on your way. The best part...the edge is literally taken off! The Christmas Kitchen is loaded with nice ideas without once making you feel intimidated. I was excited to see recipes that I could make and want to make. This delightfully simple guide is a quick read that truly can get you on your way to a calmer Christmas where you can focus on the important things.

My favorite chapter is Chapter 5, Kids in the Kitchen. It is so nice that the author focused on ways to include your children. You want to build memories in each and every aspect of the holidays, and what is better than looking back on helping out in the kitchen and making the day even more special. Certainly that far outweighs a toy that will be forgotten in a few years.

I appreciated all the recipes as well as the make ahead plans. It is nice to have those options too with all the moving from home to home for holiday celebrations!

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