Wedding Day

Wedding Day
Enjoy EVERY moment in your wedding gown. You can't stay in it forever...SO UNFAIR!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stunning Quilt Giveaway from Geta's Quilting Studio

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I am fully blown away by the talent so many bloggers possess. I long to weave together something beautiful with some soft organic yarns or sew a magnificent gem such as the one above. Sadly, I didn't come from a crafty family. My family was a family of performers. This has always made the holidays interesting and warm in their own way, but ooooh to add a nice crafter to the family...that would be a dream!

But I digress with all this talk. What I have to fill you in on is that YOU can get your hands on this lovely quilt from Geta's Quilting Studio! While you are there you should check out the fabulous tutorials on her blog! This giveaway ends on 11/23!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Kalea,thanks so much for the heads-up on the quilt contest.

P.S I came from a crafty family but, unfortunately, none of the genes were passed down to me ;)