Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Mayhem! - The Top 5 Meme

Welcome to Monday Mayhem!
Today's meme- The Top 5 Meme
Join in at Monday Mayhem (thanks so much Harriet for all the fun!)

What are the first 5 things that entered your mind?
1. Are those red things plumgers?
2. Those are some tiny little bunny-like turkeys (don't ask me why).
3. Glad I'm having a ham that I am not even cooking.
4. I remember when we raised turkeys and they were terribly obnoxious. They used to bump my mom over when she gardened.
5. Powdered donuts (again, don't ask why).

2. Family Gathering
What are the first 5 things that entered your mind?
1. Why is it men always fall asleep on Thanksgiving? Seriously I have dozens of pictures of sleeping uncles on the holidays.
2. I could go for a turkey sandwich with stuffing right now.
3. I would like to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on Thanksgiving.
4. Then again, what movies are going to be out? Is that John Cusack 2012 movie out yet?
5. Why on earth was I thinking about that John Cusack movie?

3. Eat the whole thing?
Tips on not eating everything this holiday season.
What are the first 5 things that entered your mind?

1. I am definitely eating anything I want on Thanksgiving.
2. In order to make a good New Year's resolution, one really has to overindulge to feel the proper amount of guilt in order to make up some lofty goals.
3. I could definitely eat less pie.
4. I suppose the best way to not overindulge is to take periodic trips to the bathroom to slap your tummy or just give it a glance really.
5. Totally thinking of my Black Friday shopping plan at this point. This is where I NEED to use serious strength.

assessing your weight

What are the first 5 things that entered your mind?

1. I don't dare, and thanks for bringing up the scale!
2. I have to say that those toes are creeping me out, but beyond that I want to slap that 120 pounder in the shnoz.
3. Is that how you spell shnoz?
4. Okay...New Year's goal is forming.
5. I need a scale that tells me a joke when I get on it. It would put me in a better mood. Or maybe a Far Side scale. Yeah, that might work.

Rushing the door

What are the first 5 things that entered your mind?

1. I'm brave enough. I'm an woman who lived half her life on the East Coast. I have a very intimidating aura when I am shopping in crowds. I don't know exactly what it is, but people MOVE out of my way.
2. My goal is to pick up a PS3 (that is what me and my hubby have decided to get each other).
3. It is kind of scary how people are supposed to be shopping to get something nice for their loved ones, and they are truly so very obnoxious. Not all, but enough.
4. If I get everything done on Black Friday, I am going to make a huge batch of rum balls. No idea where that came from, but doesn't it sound yummy.
5. That lady in the pink scarf is kind of creepy. No offense meant. I am sure I look creepy too when I am entering a mall with my mouth wide open.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my playground. I appreciate it. :) We sleep because we eat to much LOL OMG...send me some of the rum balls. mmm mm good. I don't do New Year's goals...I never keep them...oh wait..that's resolutions...oh well..I don't keep either one LOL Great list. Very clever and fun. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

Hazel said...

Yay! I'm sooo with your on your thanksgiving tips.


rotfwl...much funnier than mine!

yonca said...

Thanks for stopping by my site.
Great list, I and my hubby will shop online on Black Friday. LOL, I'm not brave enough :)hehe..

I am Harriet said...

HA! I love Plains, Trains and Automobiles!! I've done that trek a million times. Those were some creepy toenails- you pointed out some funny stuff.

Thanks for playing!