Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Dropping A Few Giveaways

I just love getting to know new blogs and new bloggers. I also love getting a chance at a cool giveaway. They also give me an opportunity to know a new product, crafter, designer, or even a new toy! Another thing I love is sharing these bloggers with you! Check out what the blogosphere has in store for some lucky winners!


Just a few days ago I discovered a blog that was totally new to me called Made in Canarias. This blog has a little bit of everything. There are great reviews, giveaways, and lots more. Let's get into the awesome giveaways that Made in Canarias has. Ave has a birthday coming up on November 28th, and the readers are going to be blessed with some presents!!!! I am totally eyeballing the awesomeness that is Elizabeth David Designs. After checking out the review and giveaway on Made in Canarias, you will be jazzed out too! This awesome giveaway is for a mini portfolio which is totally perfect for carrying little somethings in your pocket book. The winner will be chosen on 11/28!!!

That is not all that Made in Canarias has up for grabs for us bloggy readers! I love jewelry, and honestly, jewelry that is hand made is probably my poison! But really, what a great way to go! You HAVE to check out the review and giveaway Made in Canarias has for LvoffStudio! The photo etched pendants are stunning! This giveaway also ends on 11/28 so get moving!

Would you think that is about it for the awesome giveaways at Made in Canarias? I would have too, but there is more...lots more. Another awesome bag designer is reviewed, and again WOW! Hoganfe makes some awesome fun bags that will definitely make your more than happy to reuse and get out of the plastic bag rut! There are also awesome tote bags and more! Totally check out the review and giveaway at Made in Canarias for a truly cool Hoganfe Cotton Candy Bag! Winner again will be chosen on 11/28!

I have been struggling all my life with organization. Sadly, I have passed my disorganized genes to my wonderful little boy. When I read about BusyBodyBook Personal and Family Grid organizers, I was pretty impressed. Thanks to the fabulous review by I Thode You So, I see hope on the horizon! Check it out, and get in on the fabulous giveaway, because three lucky readers will be winning a Busy Body Book organizer of their own! Giveaway ends on November 24th!

Several years ago my son and I played around with a make your own root beer kit. It was a lot of fun, but it was also a bit of a pain. What I would really like is to get my hands on a SodaStream so I can turn my water into something sparkling and tasty! They have all kinds of flavors and the SodaStream has some cool features, but don't trust me. Check out the review and giveaway at I Thode You So. You definitely will like what you see! This giveaway ends on 11/11!

When I read the review for Seventh.Ink shirts at The Nurse Mommy, I was pretty ecstatic. I love a good t-shirt. T-shirts are a basic staple of my wardrobe, and if I can latch onto a unique design, I am all over it. Seventh.Ink shirts definitely has a unique style. It took a while for me to decide which I would pick if I won. I decided that I would have to pick the awesome Night of the Living Bread shirt. I love the dark t-shirt, but most of all, I just love the whimsical take on one of my favorite zombie flicks! Check out the link. :) You definitely should check out The Nurse Mommy's review and giveaway. Five winners will be selected for various prizes! Giveaway ends on 11/26!

I always thought that living in Arizona would really limit our allergies. I was wrong. There is a huge allergy season, and it seems like it is almost impossible to keep on top of it. That is why I am so jazzed about the new Oreck Halo vacuum. It has awesome germ fighting capabilities and of course the cleaning power of Oreck! What would be ideal is to actually win one. Check out the review and giveaway at Two of a Kind Working on a Full House and you will learn about the new Oreck Halo and of course you WILL want to join in on this giveaway! Head on over now because this giveaway ends on 11/25!

How about a totally awesome clothing giveaway? Well Modbe Clothing has great tops, accessories, casual wear, work attire and jeans! The prices are great, and the styles are cute. Take some time to read up the review at J. Leigh Designz. Look at the pics...and be sure to check out Modbe Clothing's site and discover perhaps a brand new fave! The giveaway is for a pair of London jeans, and they are sooooo cute! Giveaway ends on 11/25!!!!

It has become a priority in our home lately to really try to clean in as many green ways as possible. This has led me to using lots of vinegar and baking soda. These work for a lot of things, but there are still things that I really need a help with. This is why I became immediately interested in Simple Green Naturals. They have seven products in their line! Check out The Omni Couple for a review and giveaway! This is for ALL SEVEN! You can't pass this up! Ends on 11/20!!!!

Back in the day when I was a young and perky single mom, bringing my son anywhere involved practically the need of a mini UHaul. It is so nice to see how much things have changed. Baby Bjorn has come up with the VERY cool Travel Crib Lite! Mom Fuse has an awesome post with a little video link that shows you just how easy this Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Lite is to use! There will be five winners! The giveaway end on 11/15!

Right now is the total time of year to fill up on one of my favorite staples...soup! I love having a cup of soup before a meal. I have recently discovered that it helps satisfy you more quickly so you eat a lot less of the heavy stuff! Fall and winter really are soup season, and Progresso is one of my favorite ways to jump into that season. Leslie Loves Veggies (a new grandma and faboo blogger) is hosting a review of their yummy Progresso Chicken Tuscan Soup and a prize to boot! This is a giveaway that makes my tummy pretty engaged! Check it out now because this delightfully warm and homey prize giveaway ends on 11/17!!!!

Now another little giveaway that caught my eye at Leslie Loves Veggies is for Eden Fantasys. I don't mind telling you that my husband would be particularly thrilled if I won a $25 gift certificate to Eden Fantasys! It is one of those "gifts that keep on giving" according to my man. Check out Leslie's review of the cute little Fi Fi Santa mini dress! There are a lot of great items at Eden Fantasys. I am sure you could find a way to parlay that gift certificate into something cool. Giveaway ends on 11/15!

More great fabulous giveaways are still abounding at Ave's blog Made in Canarias! You just have to check out the giveaway for Sugar Cane's Shop! There are some gorgeous shoulder bags, coin purses and more. Got to love these creative crafters at Etsy! Sugar Cane's shop will not disapoint. Plus they have free world-wide shipping! Nice!!!!! Ends on 11/28!!!!

I have kept a journal off and on since I was about 8 or 9 years old. My journals have been the kinds with the locks, a notebook, a compostion book, fancy bound journals, and homemade. I love the idea of recording my thoughts. And I love the styles I saw when checking out the Journal Junky giveaway at Made in Canarais! Again, you just have to check out this giveaway! The work is superb and lined or unlined! This giveaway ends on 11/28!

Champagne Living always has a great review, pretty impressive giveaways and posts that help you live the rich life for less. :) You have to stop by soon, because they are hosting a giveaway for Primo Water Coolers. These are not your typical old fashioned coolers. You can get the hot and cold safely AND it is a bottom loader! No aching back! These are definitely the way to save and drink clean, tasty and safe water. Great for you and the environment. One reader will win! Giveaway ends on 11/28!

Champagne Living
also knows how to indulge in the yummy. Yummy things like popcorn. Totally one of my weaknesses. It is almost impossible for me to watch a movie without a hot bowl of popcorn in my lap. Be sure to check out their review for The Popcorn Factory. You will find out why they have stood the test of time (30 years in the business!). This review also covers a very nice giveaway of a tin of their popcorn in three of their yummy flavors! Giveaway ends on 11/22!! Oh the anticipation!!!!

In honor of The Popcorn Factory's 30 year anniversary of pleasing the masses with their incredible popcorn, Santa's Picks is hosing an awesome giveaway! What a great site for awesome Christmas gift ideas! Definitely do not miss out on another opportunity to possibly win an unbelieveable treat! This giveaway ends on 11/19!

Another awesome gift idea straight from Santa's Picks is for Sock Grams. Let me tell you how much I love socks. I am crazy about them, and the crazier the style, the more I like them! When I worked at the casino, we use to have a crazy sock contest. It was a weekly event with the bartenders and cocktail servers, and it was a blast. Those days are long behind me, but I am still a huge fan of fun socks.

I am a huge fan of James Patterson, and my favorite series books involve Alex Cross. This is the one series I just about jump out of my skin to get! I am entirely excited because The Review Broads are offering a giveaway for I, Alex Cross by James Patterson. There will be five winners! This is a giveaway you cannot miss! Giveaway ends on 11/21!!!!


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I heart you friend!! Good work on the review of giveaways!!!

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More great giveaways! I have something for you here

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