Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway Day!


Monday is kind of my day to kick back and enjoy some "me" time. I also have house chores, but this is kind of my day to blog, read blogs, read books, work out on the Wii without interruption, and enter some awesome giveaways! Here are a few I thought I would share with you!

Mommy Snacks
has an awesome musical giveaway. This is for Christian artists Selah's CD "You Deliver Me." I love their music! It was such a pleasant surprise to find a giveaway for them! If you would like a chance, head on over to Mommy Snacks as soon as you can. This ends on August 22nd!

Sweeps4Bloggers is hosting a giveaway for Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo! I don't know about you, but I haven't come across a James Patterson book that I haven't loved. Giveaway ends on August 25th!

The Review Broads are also giving away Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo! So you may want to give them a shot, plus they have other fabulous giveaways up for grabs! Giveaway ends on August 28th!

How cool is this? The Review Broads also are hosting The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson and Martin Dugard. Another opportunity to win James Patterson! I can't pass that up! Giveaway ends on August 26th!

When I read The Review Broads review on Jones GABA, I was ready to rush out and find it. Afterall, Jones makes that yummy cane sugar soda. So THIS has to be good. Sadly it was a little late so I figured I would do the next best thing...enter their giveaway! They are giving away a mixed 12 pack of Jones GABA. Want to know more...check out the review and go to Jones site! I am really ready for some focus and clarity and it looks like these teas would really fit my need. Giveaway ends on August 27th!

I found a new blog today. New to me that is. It is All Things Royal, and what a lovely blog it is. There is a wonderful giveaway that you must check out. First read the blog and check out the amazing picture taken right from Anne Boleyn's bedroom window. This giveaway is for a booklet containing letters from Anne Boleyn and Henry VII as well as two portrait cards of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. Who wouldn't love this piece of history? This giveaway ends on August 28th!

Head on over to Bookin' With Bingo for a wonderful review and giveaway for Return to Sullivan's Island. There is also a wonderful spotlight on the author, Dorothea Benton Frank. Three books are up for grabs! Giveaway ends September 3 at 6pm EST.

Sometimes I find a blog and wonder to myself "How have I missed this blog?" This is the case for Prissy Green. Oh I love this blog already! Prissy Green is hosting an incredible giveaway and I for one am hopping with glee. Why? Because it is for Sanuk. THE cutest shoes and sandals EVER! Be sure to head on over for this incredible giveaway. It ends on August 18th so don't take to long!

Prissy Green has a lot of giveaways, and another one that just thrills me to the bone is for Product hair pomade. This is a fabulous pomade that honestly, I would love to get into my hubby's hair! The product breakdown alone makes me want it! Here is the breakdown: Organic shea butter, aloe vera, natural source vitamin E (tocpherol), organic beeswax, and tangerine essential oil. Doesn't it sound awesome? This giveaway ends on August 19 so hurry!

Prissy Green is also hosting a giveaway for Holly Yashi. This jewelry can only be described as body art. Each piece is absolutely stunning. I am telling you that this is on giveaway you will not want to miss. I have just spent a considerable amount of time browsing Holly Yashi's website and I am thrown by the pieces! Giveaway ends on August 21st!

Prissy Green is giving her readers a chance for Glimpse Skincare from XanGo. Read the review of these amazing products! I am always interested in trying something new and these products really have me buzzing! Giveaway ends August 27.

How would you like to win a Razor Scooter or a 12" Trike? You can if you pop on over to Helping Mommys Win. Check out the wonderful items at All Children's Furniture and tell her what you like. I saw some amazing storage solutions. Our home is rather small so storage is a MUST. This giveaway ends on August 25th!

Back to books! The Good Deal Gal has a giveaway for a book that I have totally wanted to read, The Penny Pincher's Club by Sarah Strohmeyer. Check out the review. It really looks great! This giveaway ends on August 21st at 12 pm, Arizona time. :)

Bargain Briana
is hosting an incredible giveaway that trust do not want to miss. I almost stopped hunting but thankfully I did not. The giveaway a $500 gift card for Walmart as part of the Nestle Back to School giveaway! Giveaway ends on August 28th!

Bargain Briana
is also hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift card for Famous Footwear. I love this store! This is one of our first stops when looking for shoes for back to school. They had an awesome buy one get one for half price sale, and we cashed in. They also have a great loyalty card program and with that we were sent an extra $10 off. The place rocks. Giveaway ends about 8/21. If you can still comment, you still have a chance! :)

Hey! Another awesome gift card opportunity! Slave to Save is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card! YAY! I have a lot of items I would really like to get. The main thing is a new camera for my son's birthday. Giveaway ends on August 21st.

Okay...that is all folks. I have to hit the chores. I hope you find something here for you! :)


bermudaonion said...

Wow, it's a lot of work putting together a post like this! Thanks for the links.

Pam said...

Thanks for the links for these. What a great list of contest.
I appreciate all the work you do putting this together.