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Wedding Day
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Review -- My Little Girl by Tim McGraw


I enjoyed this encouraging book by Tim McGraw from the opening memory by his wife Faith Hill to the beautiful cover.

Katie is extremely excited about spending a special day with her daddy. What little girl wouldn't be? We get to join a father and daughter as they enjoy an adventure together of the sights of the beautiful clouds in the sky, light-hearted play time, lunch together, and bedtime prayer.

The artwork by Julia Denos is just superb. Truly Katie's day with daddy is brought to life. The sweet expressions of Katie are perfectly captured as well as Katie's adorable taste in clothing.

My Little Girl shows us that attention and time with those we love makes any day and an any-day activity special. The important thing is to show our love to our loved ones. Our children should know how special they are and that a day with them is special whether you are going to a ball or on a safari. I believe this book gives a wonderful opportunity to encourage a fun relationship with fathers and daughters and a reminder that it is the time you spend that is magical. It is also so nice to have a book that a daddy can read to his little girl. I am sure it is bound to spark a request for a daddy day for the reader and his daughter.


Debbie Y. said...

Thanks for the comment love on my SITS FB day.

I read just about anything and everything. I love Dean Koontz, first and foremost. I read the gamut from Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, and the like to John Grisham, Charlene Harris, Stephenie Meyers, Mary Higgins Clark, etc. I even read romances in my spare time. I recently read the Twilight series, my first for vampires, and my daughter said since I liked the tame teenager series that I would probably enjoy the more adult version of vampire series by Charlene Harris. I admit that some of the books closely mimic the other series, but is more advanced in a racy/sexy" way. My daughter is 23, by the way, so I guess she is allowed to read more explicit books now that she is an adult, but they caught me a little off guard after reading the much tamer "Twilight" books.

Have you any recommendations for new reading material?

jpkittie said...

I should check it out... We love to read all the time. Ibet my dd would love it too!

thanks for the heads up & thanks for visiting my blog!

Marie said...

sounds like a sweet book :-)

Toni said...

this book sounds adorable from start to finish. thank you for the review.

Kaye said...

I really liked this book also. I thought the illustrations were wonderful. Anything that will encourage kids to read more and watch tv less is a good thing as far as I am concerned.