Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for the silly things...

Of course I am thankful for my salvation and my relationship with my God. I am thankful for never having to worry about working my way to salvation. This doesn't mean that I am not responsible to live my life with love and with care for others, it just means that no matter how hard I try...I can never do it on my own. I am thankful that it is Christ alone who strengthens me. But that is not why I am blogging at 7:30pm before watching a fun episode of Freaks and Geeks on the DVD player. I am writing to say I am thankful for some silly things too.

Because it is always important to smile.

smile Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful for kittens. Always thankful for kittens and all the funny and cute things they do and are. I know that God made kittens and puppies to soften even the hardest of us. If I ever need a grin...I google kitten images. Here are some for you now:

5 week kittens Pictures, Images and Photos

Black kittens Pictures, Images and Photos

three kittens at play Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful for Diet Dr. Pepper. Yep. Such a simple treat. I don't partake often, but I savor every last bubbly drop!

diet dr pepper Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful for my friends who are pretty darn crazy.




I am thankful that I can still laugh at I Love Lucy episodes and my son can enjoy them with me!

i love lucy Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful that Hugh Jackman won People's sexiest man, because he is darn cute!

hugh jackman Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful that my friends aren't so tightly wound that they would find the above offensive. ;)

I am thankful for FIRST Wild Card, because I have met wonderful people and read some GREAT books because of the work of people like Mimi! Okay...not silly, but I am still thankful.

I am thankful for chocolate chip cookies, even though I made a HORRIBLE batch the other day.

I am thankful for Saturday morning cartoons from my childhood. Because of School House Rock, I will never forget a "noun is a person, place or thing."

Lastly...I am thankful to have a God that has a sense of humor. A God who made it impossible for us to point a finger at someone without three pointing back at us. How cool is that?

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Cloud 9 said...

Oh, such a wonderful list of thank yous! I'm off to google some kittens. :D:D:D