Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive?

I could not turn on my computer today without seeing something about People's new sexiest man alive. Yahoo said something about the People's magazine choice being a shocker. Well the choice was Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thinking "Why is this a shocker?" I have been shocked by some of the picks in the past, but I wasn't shocked by this one other than the fact that I can't think of something Hugh Jackman is in right now. I also think good for him. He filmed his short lived Viva Laughlin at the casino I worked at when I still lived in California, and I can say this...DANG! He was cute (REALLY CUTE), polite, and friendly. All the staff pretty much swoooned when he walked by, but he didn't just walk by...he would say "hello," "good morning," and "how are you today?" We all agreed that he was the nicest actor we had run into in a long time, and he had a very lucky wife.

I wonder who is exactly shocked by his being the top pick this year? The only time I have ever really been shocked is when Nick Nolte was on the list. Of course I was a lot younger then. Maybe I would have understood it back in the day. Then again...I totally understood Sean Connery. :)


Sunny said...

Oh no, I'm not shocked at this either. :o) That's good to know that he's a nice guy too. Lucky you!

Nick Nolte??? Ugh! NO!!!

kalea_kane said...

I know...Nick Nolte...ickers. :)

Jewelz said...

I think Hugh Jackman is great!
He is one of my most favourite actors :)

ladystorm said...

I can't believe anyone would be shocked that Hugh Jackman would be Sexiest man alive..I am thinking ABOUT TIME! My friend from work came in today at work and said guess who is sexiest man..and I was thinking oooh no its probably someone horrible and she was like Hugh..and I was like yeaaaah..she laughed cause she knows he is one of my favorite

The latest movie that I can think of him being in is called Deception (not seen it) and then Wolverine comes out next year (can't wait..huge X-men fan)

P.S. Nick Nolte in his hey day didn't look so bad but now days yep..ickers...LOL