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Wedding Day
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alphabet Film List E to H

I am still in the process of sharing the movies alphabetically that had some impact on me whether negative or postive. They are the movies that I immediately think of when their letter comes up in the alphabet. :) As I said before, this is kind of a little thing I had done with an ex boyfriend of mine except we did it in letter form where each subject began with a letter of the alphabet. :) So without further explanation:

E is for: ET

Movie: ET Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay who didn't love E.T. really? That little long-necked alien touched my heart. I was roughly 14 when it came out, and it was the first movie to make me sob since I was a little girl. I literally couldn't control myself. That is why it sticks out in my head. It brought me out of my teenaged shell of pretend toughness for at least a little while. :)

Elliot: He's a man from outer space and we're taking him to his spaceship.
Greg: Well, can't he just beam up?
Elliot: This is REALITY, Greg.

F is for: Forrest Gump

forrest gump Pictures, Images and Photos

This is really just a great kind of story. I loved the devotion and friendship that Forrest had with Jenny. I appreciated the love Forrest's mom had for him. And I loved Bubba. :) It was a fanciful kind of story in regards to his luck and his being EVERYWHERE during these amazing historic occasions, but it was done in a way that was off but not so off that you scoffed and wanted to bolt. :)

G is for: The Green Mile (Yes I am ingnoring the T in The)

I am not on a Tom Hanks trip, but this movie is amazing!

The Green Mile Pictures, Images and Photos

It is funny, I just watched it again last night. I was reminded all over again how much I enjoyed it. I do not know exactly how they did it, but they made this Stephen King story translate in such a way as to move me emotionally in ever direction. The lives of death row guards intertwine with the lives of the inmates awaiting their death sentence. One inmate in particular, John Coffey is like an overgrown child. He is the sum total of innocense yet he is on death row for a horrible heinous action of rape and murder of two little girls. To know John Coffey is to understand that this man could not do what he is on death row for. And the guards get to know John Coffey very well.

A Quote that sums this up:

Paul Edgecomb: What do you want me to do John? I'll do it. You want me to let you walk out of here and see how far you get?
John Coffey: Now why would you want to do a foolish thing like that?
Paul Edgecomb: When I die and I stand before God awaiting judgment and he asks me why I let one of HIS miracles die, what am I gonna say, that it was my job?

That is what John is, a miracle. The movie totally gives me chills. Even reading this quote gets me.

Green Mile Pictures, Images and Photos

And this quote made you feel that even though John was going to die, he would be in Heaven:

John Coffey: You know, I fell asleep this afternoon and had me a dream. I dreamed about Del's mouse.
Paul Edgecomb: Did you, John?
John Coffey: I dreamed he got down to that place Boss Howell talked about, that Mouseville place. I dreamed there was kids, and how they laughed at his tricks! My! I dreamed those two little blonde-headed girls were there. They 'us laughing, too. I put my arms around 'em and sat 'em on my knees, and there 'us no blood comin' outta their hair and they 'us fine. We all watch Mr. Jingles roll that spool, and how we did laugh. Fit to bust, we was.

H is for: Harvey

If you haven't seen it, I recommend Harvey. It is a delightful old movie about a man named Elwood Dowd and his imaginary friend, Harvey. Harvey is a rabbit. No really. A rabbit. Not just any rabbit but a six foot tall rabbit! And really he is not imaginary. It is just not everyone can see him. The movie is super sweet and Elwood is just so kind. This movie is a movie that I catch as often as I can. I once had it on VHS, but it broke. I really need to get it on DVD. Anyway, if you are at all a fan of just a good old classic movie. Check out Harvey.

Harvey Pictures, Images and Photos

Harvey preview:

"I'd just helped Ed Hickey into a taxi. Ed had been mixing his drinks, and I felt he needed conveying. I started to walk down the street when I heard a voice saying: 'Good evening, Mr. Dowd'. I turned, and there was this big white rabbit leaning against a lamp-post. Well, I thought nothing of that! Because when you've lived in a town as long as I've lived in this one, you get used to the fact that everybody knows your name." Elwood Dowd

I think I really like old films :)

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Sunny said...

Oh yes!!! ET, Forest Gump, Green Mile (with out the "The")...all were excellent movies!! Reading the quotes I could hear their voices.

Once again I am at a loss on the old movies. I've got to get out more! LOL