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Wedding Day
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

7 Random Bookish Things

I was tagged by Sunny At That Book Addiction who was tagged by Karla. This is a meme that has been here and there and everywhere in the blogosphere (first time I used blogosphere), and Karla's twist is 7 random things that are book related about you! I for one think this is absolutely perfect and since Sunny tagged me, I am happy to join in the fun. Here are some rules:


Pretty simple. Now finding 7 people is going to be rough but first things first...


1. My all time favorite book is "Gone with the Wind." No matter how many times I read it, I always hope that somehow Rhett and Scarlett will realize how much they truly love and need each other. It was also the biggest book I ever read. I read it because I adored the movie, and I knew that the book had to be at least as good as the movie if not better. It wowed me completely.

2. Some of my fondest memories involve the library. When I was young, my mom was studying to be a real estate agent. She would take me to the library about five days a week, and I would just roam the children's book aisles for hours on end. The children's section had white walls and lime green carpet. At the time, I would pick up short books by Dr. Seuss. My favorite was "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street." This particular book was written 40 years before I was born, and I probably was about 7 when I discovered it. Imagine that! Here is a picture...

3. The first book to scare the willies out of me was Stephen King's "The Shining." I had to put it down over and over because my vivid imagination just wigged out over it. I have to admit, I have a guilty pleasure over horror books. I keep it in check though. I don't like just anyone. Stephen King's horror really isn't based on gore in my opinion. I do not read all of it like I did as a child, because I discovered it was kind of a negative way to read. Plus I had some horrible nightmares!

4. My husband likes to read too though not quite to the degree I do. One of our favorite activities together is to drive into town, get a great cup of coffee, and read for a while in the park. Sometimes we will be there for a long time and go have a nibble or pick up some yummy jalapeno popcorn at the candy store in the square.

5. Like Sunny...I make facial expressions when I read too! Not alone girl!!!! I not only make faces, but I have been known to laugh as well. Occasionally I even cry. The first book to make me cry was "Where the Red Fern Grows." If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It is a coming of age kind of story with good values. I had my son read it a few years ago when he was trying to figure out what to do a book report on. He scoffed at first, but he loved it too.

6. I sometimes read too much for my own good. When I was a kid my parents took lots of road trips, and I often would keep my head in a book for much of the drive. Not a bad thing, because at least we got where we were going quick, but really you don't want to miss the trip. I now only read once we get where we are going. The good story can wait. The one thing I do though is purchase a good book on CD for those extra long journeys. A good story read well can be extremely entertaining and make the night time part of a drive FLY by. :)

7. When I was in high school my dad would give me 20 dollars a week to spend on whatever I wanted. While most of my friends would have jumped to spend that 20 on a cute accessory, purse, or save up for designer jeans, I would go straight to B. Dalton and buy four or five books. I would devour them in a week and do it again the following weekend. :) I am ADDICTED.

Well that was pretty fun. Thanks Sunny! Now according to the rules. I need to do some tagging. Hmmmmm...let's see. I have some blogs that I love and would love to read their responses so here it goes:

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Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

Hee Hee - I love learning about other bloggers!!

Here's a link to my answers!!
Wendi's Book Corner

:) Wendi

Sunny said...

Oh yes! I laugh and cry too. And when I laugh my husband asks whats so funny...but it's too hard to explain everything that led up to it. (I totally cried reading Where the Red Fern Grows, and we read it in school, so the whole class was trying so hard not to cry!)

Well I'd say that if in *high school* you'd rather spend 20 bucks on books rather than the other typical teen things, you're definitely addicted! Not a bad thing! ;o)

I loved reading your answers!!

Danica/Dream said...

How fun! I'll do this one in the next day or so.

ladystorm said...

loved reading about your seven things..well now I guess since I was tagged I better go do mine

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Great post, Kalea, and thanks for tagging me. I've been off-line for a week, so just getting back into the swing of blogging. I'll be sure to do mine sometime this week and let you know.



Cloud 9 said...

I loved reading your bookish things. The Shining was one scary book! The 2 creepest parts for me were the rustling of the leaves when those bushes shaped like animals were coming to life and when that darn fire hose chased the boy down the hallway. *shivers*
I've never read Where The Red Fern Grows but I'm ordering it from the library. If I read it in school it was too long ago to remember. HA! ;D Thanks for the tip!!
BTW: I love your blog. It's very fun and entertaining. I hear you about the wedding dress. :D:D:D