Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TV...what I like about you...and what I don't..PART 1

I am not an insane television watcher, but there are definitely some programs I am looking forward to and some...not so much. So far I have been overjoyed to have the return of...

Oh I just LOVE this show. Is it the mystery of it? Possibly. I love watching House and company try to figure out the proper diagnosis so they can save another person's life. I was a medical transcriptionist once, and the medical idea appeals a bit to that side. I love that it makes medicine interesting. It makes being a doctor look like a pretty cool job. Kind of like how CSI made crime scene investigating look pretty darn cool too.

I love that House is just plain obnoxious but somehow likeable. I like how Hugh Laurie contains his English accent so well that it is weird to actually hear him speak during interviews! I think that is one of the things I like best. I like that House is a television show I can watch and not think twice about the actors. I actually can get caught up in the characters and the story. This season has just begun and I have already thoroughly enjoyed the addition of a detective. Is he going to be on again? I don't know, but the guy was GREAT! I do hope Wilson stops hating on House soon. Their friendship was one of my favorite parts of House. One of my favorite episodes involved Wilson kidnaps House's guitar. PRICELESS!

So good...I am going to share it now!

What I don't like about TV...most remakes

Oh where to begin? I am not sure if this show has begun yet, but I do know that I am not terribly interested. My first television hate is the retooling (with the emphasis on TOOL, in my opinion) of Knight Rider. Formerly starring David Hasselhoff. I liked Knight Rider when I was in high school. I think there was a place for it then. David Hasselhoff was pretty darn cute back then, the Trans Am ruled, and the voice of KITT was pretty cool. It was a new idea that took off pretty well for quite some time. Guys and girls liked it. I even had a picture of KITT from when I went to Universal Studios with my dad.

Now though...the idea falls flat for me anyway. Maybe it is because I feel like I have already been there and done that. Maybe it is the annoying signage I have seen saying "KITT Happens." Does this sound snarky to just me? For myself, seeing programs like this on the big screen stinks, but seeing them revamped again into television shows with a new tweak of a sexier mechanic (don't you just see that every day) or whatnot just annoys me. Plus...KITT's voice is not the voice I had come to love. The voice of KITT back in the day was none other than William Daniels. He made KITT tick. He somehow made KITT have a sense of humanity. Maybe I have to watch it in order to sense that now. I don't know. Maybe it is just the fact that it is another remake in a sea of remakes and/or copies. Will I give it a The idea turns me off at hello, and I can use that time better.

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