Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Into Reading 2008

One of the many nice things about getting out of work at 2pm and getting to pick up my son from school is I get a little break to read. I put in about a half an hour of reading time while I wait for Alex to get out of school. This is I believe going to be just a wonderful opportunity to do the Fall Into Reading 2008 challenge. What a great way to have a little nudge to keep reading! I have looked over books that I have recently acquired on ebay, book sales at Family Christian stores, as a winner at some review blogs, and summer yard and rummage sales!!!!

1. Get Out of That Pit - Beth Moore
2. The Case of the Bouncing Grandma - A.K. Arenz
3. Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA - Ellen Meister
4. A Mile In My Flip Flops - Melody Carlson
5. The Novelist - Angela Hunt
6. Blind Dates Can Be Murder - Mindy Starns Clark
7. The Girl From Charnelle - K. L. Cook
8. A Promise For Tomorrow - Sara Dubose

I am going to stop there. I think that gives me some wiggle room. I am finishing up The Shack by William P. Young right now. I am not putting it on the list since I am half way through.

I am soooo totally stoked!

Happy reading, writing, living and loving!



Deborah said...

angela hunt, melody carlson and mindy starns clark are 3 of my favorite authors. you're going to have good reads with these!

kalea_kane said...

Awesome! I am really looking forward to them! :)

Katrina said...

Looks good! I had to laugh when I saw Deborah's comment, because that's pretty much what I was going to say -- you have some authors on your list that I really like (Clark, Carlson, etc.). Have fun reading, and thanks for being part of the challenge!

Susanne said...

Angela Hunt and Melody Carlson are two of my fave authors. I meant to get that Mile in my Flip flops for the challenge and forgot all about it. I just might have to add it in!

Lindsay said...

Wow looks like a great list! Have fun reading this fall :-) How are you liking The Shack?

PinkDaisyGirl said...

I added a few of these selections to my "later" list on Amazon so I won't forget them. The only one I've read is "Blind Dates Can Be Murder." Did you read the first book in the series? You don't have to, but it is DEFINITELY better that way (it's called The Trouble with Tulip). That series of three books is one of my all-time favorites! I absolutely love Mindy Starns Clark.

Enjoy your reading!

~ Kayren

Tara said...

I think we may be doing Get Out of That Pit in a Bible class next quarter. It sounds great. Enjoy reading!