Wedding Day

Wedding Day
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Do you hide who you are?

Seriously, I wonder about this sometimes. Do you hide who you are? Do you want to hide who you are? Are you someone that people want to hide from? I wonder, I guess, because I am a Christian...and a flawed one at that. Then again is there any other kind?

I was thinking about that today. Here I am a Christian, and I have on my page a little something about forgiveness, and I was thinking to myself, "Should I remove that blog? Will people have a funky opinion of me because I swore in that blog? Will they decide that I am an unfit Christian...another bad example in the sea of many bad examples." Basically "Will I be judged or written off?" So I almost pulled my blog out, because I didn't want to give anyone a bad impression of me.

Then I thought about it seriously, and I realized that I didn't really care what anyone thought, because the fact is there is not one person who has not fallen short...not one. Proof...Romans 3:23, and I am not even adding that in an attempt to say "See! I know some scripture verses...I'm okay." I am adding that because it is the simple truth. I say all of this because I don't want to give people a bad impression of me...a bad impression of me would be a lie. It would be a lie to say that I wasn't going through pain during that blog and that pain came out with a little swearing. It would be a lie to be anything but I will be me.

I am who I am. I have not come from the polished streets of gold, but I am going there when I die. I am a woman who has lived through just about every bad thing that can happen to a person with a few exceptions, and all of those things made me who I am. Because of my mistakes and the pits I have fallen into, I have become more compassionate and empathetic. I am that person who really understands because I have really been there.

So here I am. No hiding. I am me.

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